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The mass production of plastics began in the 1950s and increased significantly from 1.5 million tonnes per year to 280 million tonnes per year. Approximately one third of the current global production consists of disposable packages that are disposed within about one year.

It is estimated that by 2050, if mankind continues to consume at the same rate, there will be more plastic waste in the World Ocean than fish. Besides the serious damage that plastic causes to marine biosystems, the plastic waste also has a strong negative impact on human health.

Study on the plastics in the Black Sea

An exploration of the Laboratory for Marine Ecology in Sozopol and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, conducted in August 2017, showed that the largest amount of waste in the area surveyed between Cape Kaliakra and the city of Burgas are industrial polymers or plastic particles larger than 2.5 cm - mainly plastic bottles, packages, sacks and plastic bags. Marine biologists Dimitar Berov and Stefania Klein conducted their research during Greenpeace’s “Free of Plastic” campaign, on board the Rainbow Warrior vessel.

Despite the clear conclusions of marine biologists’ researches last year, the Black Sea remains underresearched and there are serious gaps in the knowledge of floating solid waste. Sufficient data collection and monitoring are needed in order to proceed with the adequate measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste floating in the Black Sea.

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Only actions bring change

Our adherents in the cause Kaufland Bulgaria

Responsibility to Nature - Kaufland Bulgaria

An important part of Kaufland Bulgaria's policy is responsibility for people and nature. Convinced that only actions bring change, the company is constantly working on innovative solutions with concrete contributions to the benefit of society and environmental protection. In this way, Kaufland Bulgaria declares its position as a responsible leader in the dynamic sector of modern trade.

The actions taken and the targeted measures are the result of the commitment of all departments - from the use of energy-efficient technologies and the design of new buildings with environmental considerations to the reduction of plastic.

Kaufland has already publicly announced its commitment to reduce the use of plastic in all countries where it operates by 2025 by 2025. The company is committed to ensuring 100% recyclability of the plastic packaging of its own branded products and by the end of 2019 to deliberately exclude certain plastic items from its assortment. In addition to restricting visible plastic materials as early as 2013, the company excluded solid plastic micro particles in the production and production of its own cosmetics, sanitary and hygienic brands.

In the same context of its commitment to the environment, Kaufland Bulgaria has integrated in its hypermarkets innovative solutions in the field of energy saving, land improvement and noise pollution. The upgraded objects of the company are being built on a completely new model. The energy-saving concept, together with combined heating and cooling systems, provides 30% to 40% of the energy saved. Debris such as foil, paper, cartons, batteries, light bulbs and small electrical appliances can be returned to each hypermarket. The shopping bags in the chain are now 100% recyclable. Kaufland Bulgaria's customer brochure is also printed entirely on recycled paper. Another aspect of the company's goals is the gradual provision of charging stations for electric vehicles and electric vehicles on the territory of hypermarkets.

In addition, the company pays special attention to the sustainable formation of its range, maintains the conditions of production, the way of breeding animals, and the preservation of the natural habitat of the fish. Kaufland Bulgaria offers an ever-increasing selection of eco-friendly products. Organic and regional farming is extremely important for the company.