The Challenge


WIND2WIN Challenge is the first maritime windsurfing challenge in Bulgaria. It will take place in September 2018 along the Black Sea coast between Durankulak and Rezovo.

Iliyana Stoilova and Yoan Kolev are the athletes who will take part in the challenge and who will try to cover the distance on water (approximately 300 km) as quick as possible, in a curved line.

WIND2WIN is an attempt at a rapid maritime journey down the Eastern border of Bulgaria, only with the power of the wind and the human spirit.

The cause of the challenge is to attract the public attention to the plastic pollution problem in the Black Sea.

Йоан Колев

Yoan Kolev

Bulgarian representative at the London Olympic Games 2012. Balkan champion in the windsurfing class RS:X racing.

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Илияна Стоилова

Iliyana Stoilova

She started surfing at the age of 6 and her sporty nature has lead her to competitive sailing. Multiple windsurfing state champion among women, class Funboard.

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"The power of the ever changing nature is a symbol of perfection, that motivates the human being to advance forward."

Windsurfing is a sport engulfed entirely in the natural elements. This is exactly why the success of the challenge strongly depends on the meteorological conditions and the steady direction of the wind.

The optimal wind to start the expedition is wind speed 16-20 knots of NNE or SSW.

The exact date of the expedition will be announced a few days before the start.